Ellynne Rey - Vocalist and Educator


Connecticut native Ellynne Rey is a vocalist and public school educator who more than one critic has said deserves a much higher profile. She flies under the radar, with her crystalline mezzo voice, delighting listeners. She has a unique and personal way of telling stories through music. She is a songwriter and a lyricist, too. Ellynne's approach to music is organic and expressive. She gravitated to jazz because of its exquisite melodies, rich harmonic language, and rhythms. That is what still draws her to the music. The complex beauty and the attitude of jazz have always spoken to her.

Ellynne has performed at numerous venues in the NY Metro/CT area, including The Kitano, 55 Bar, Zeb's (jazz vocal series),The 9th Note, TuTuma Social, The Marriott Hotel, as well as a host of other venues. Contact her if you'd like to book her for gigs. She is also available to do private vocal coaching.


Here is what the critics have said:

"...Not only does she make it work [singing with just guitar and bass] she makes it magical. It just goes to show if you have the voice and the material you don't need all that lavish production." Jack Goodstein, Seattle PI

"The singer works the crowd with her witty lyricism, upbeat vibe, and joyous overtones. She also uses wonderful diction to complement her silky vocal cords and acute dynamic sense... Ellynne's style and delivery loom as a high point." Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz

"Ellynne's clear articulation, soulful phrasing, and heart-felt lyrics are the cornerstone of this successful project." Carmel DeSoto, Jazzpolice.com 

"Ellynne deserves a much higher profile. In an era of singer/songwriters, she offers a soulfully pop familiarity in a sincerely jazz context, very original and very appealing." Andrea Canter, Jazzpolice.com 

Ellynne is a gifted lyricist, composer, and performer. She composes with a sophisticated understanding of harmony and can rejuvenate songs written decades before she was born. She brings artistry, individuality and taste to everything she does.

Check out her latest CD of jazz standards: "A Little Bit Of Moonlight" Not all “standard” standards but also unique approaches and arrangements, the CD features bassist Paul Beaudry, pianist Bennett Paster, guitarist Gene Bertoncini, percussionist Daniel Sadownick, and drummer Tony Jefferson.

Available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.